• Workshop 'The Art of Buying'

    VeilinghamerAre you curious to know what an art dealer pays attention to, as should you, when buying a new work of art? Or would you like to know what details a restorer and art framer look at?

    During a visit to Leslie Smith Gallery you will experience the entire process, guided by art dealer David Smith.

    The discovery and purchase of a painting, the restoration, the framing and the final sale. During the lecture of the restorer you will see how varnish is removed and how damages are repaired.

    Finally, together with a professional framer, you will select the perfect frame. For, as you will learn, a frame can make or break a painting!

    Interieur Galerie boven klein

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  • Workshop 'The Art of Investing'

    investing-in-art-investment-graphWould you like to invest in art? Would you be interested in buying something you like, but with more knowledge of the background and financial aspects? During this workshop David Smith, art dealer and director of Leslie Smith Gallery, will inform you about multiple national and international art markets, price developments and the large differences between those markets. A fiscal expert will introduce you to the financial side of owning and investing in art. After this workshop you will be able to answer questions like: Is it wise to invest in art, which works of art are suitable for investment and what about art and inheritance? Of course there will also be ample opportunity to ask questions.
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  • Workshop 'The Art of the Aboriginals'

    Nancy Ross Nungurrayi detailDid you know that Contemporary Aboriginal Art is inspired on a cultural tradition which goes back at least 40.000 years, but that Aboriginal Art as an art movement is not even 40 years old? Since a few years Leslie Smith Gallery has built up an impressive collection of Contemporary Aboriginal Art. In no other European gallery will you discover such a complete and high quality collection. Director David Smith will tell you all about the discovery and background of this fascinating art form, the history and current market. Then get to know the deeper symbolism and iconography of these extraordinary pieces, when another expert leads you through the gallery, explaning the symbols used in various paintings.

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