Dynamic Structure 201014


Dynamic structure 201014 consists of 24 black lines that can rotate independently from each other in front of a white background. These lines are mounted on six rotation points. On every point four axes rotate within each other. Therefore the lines can cover each other. On each of the six turning points, one, two, three or four lines can be visible.

The lines can move steplessly clock- or counterclockwise or be at stop.
An integrated computer system with specially developed software coordinates the movement process. Constantly changing structures that move between chaos and order are formed. There is no fixed repetitive cycle. 

Willem van Weeghel

b. 28.06.1956

Willem van Weeghel (Dutch, born 1956) Willem van Weeghel was born in 1956 in the city of Wageningen, the Netherlands. After high school he studied to become a fine arts teacher. For his graduation project he produced his first kinetic objects and after that, until today, he has continued working as a professional kinetic artist.  In Van Weeghel’s work, movement is the central means of e . . .
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