The work is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity by Pierre François Moget.

The painting perfectly embodies the “silence of purity” described by Rd Wingen in the Geer van Velde monograph by Germain Viatte.
These late large format compositions often described as “pure”, are by many considered as part of the artist’s most accomplished paintings. Similar works can be found in the collections the Fondation Maeght, the Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris and the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

-  The work comes directly from the artist’s estate and is therefore presented for sale for the very first time.
-  Works of this quality are not to be found on the market and have (almost) never appeared at auction.
- Unique occasion to acquire one of the most important paintings by Geer van Velde.
- Recent auction prices are very encouraging and a sign of a supportive market for high quality works.
- The work is in excellent condition. 


Estate of the artist


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Geer van Velde

b. 05.04.1898

d. 05.03.1977
Cachan, Paris

Geer van Velde (Lisse, NL April 5, 1898 – March 5, 1977) Van Velde was the second son of Willem Adriaan van Velde and Hendrika Catharina von der Voorst, illegitimate daughter of an earl. Catharina and her four children (Neeltje, Bram, Geer, and Jacoba) were abandoned by Willem Adriaan after the bankruptcy of his business, leaving them in misery. Moving a lot, they eventually moved to T . . .
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