Untju Alkata


2005 Painting commissioned to Agathon Gallery, NSW, Australia
2006 Private Collection, Tasmania, Australia
2013 Collection SmithDavidson Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



2018 Expo Chicago, SmithDavidson Gallery, Chicago, USA
2015 'Signs and Traces': Contemporary Aboriginal Art, Cultural Institute Zamek, Poland
2015 The Armory Show, New York, USA
2014 TEFAF Maastricht, The Netherlands


Ken McGregor, Marie Geissler and Flore Gregorini, Yannima Pikarli Tommy Watson, MacMillan Art Publishing, Melbourne Australia, 2010, Page 111.

Tommy Watson Yannima

b. 1935

d. 20.12.2017

Tommy Watson Yannima is a senior Pitjantjatjara elder, from the Karimara skin group, born around 1935 at Anamarapiti, a homeland 44 kilometres west of the present day community of Irrunytju in Western Australia. As a young man Watson lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle and walked thousands of kilometres from waterhole to waterhole with his family. During this time he acquired traditional kno . . .
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