Food Portraits 

A series with culinary portraits of food. Tranquil and yet dynamic and slightly surrealistic, affecting the essence of food. Like pink oyster mushrooms under a bell jar, storm in glasses of water, distilled Umami and artichoke dripping in oil. There are also pictures showing terroir, chanterelles growing on bread, weighted seabass in salt and bleeding beetroot. 

Winner of the first place in the 7th Photography Masters Cup 2014 (Chickpeas) and awarded in the IPA 2013 (International Photography Awards).

Marie Cécile Thijs

b. 27.12.1964

Marie Cécile Thijs is a Dutch artist with a distinctive signature. Her portraits are still lifes and her still lifes become portraits. Objects become characters. They move away from their daily destination, away from time and space. That provides intriguing creations, where elements like tranquility, dynamics and sometimes also humor meet. In her work the unusual is natural. Photographs . . .
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more work by Marie Cécile Thijs

Adriaan van Raab van Canstein I

After Dinner Drink

Amazon 1

Angel Boy with Dog


Bleeding Beetroot

Boy with White Collar at Table

Boy with White Collar at Table

Boy with White Collar I

Boy with White Collar II



Cat with White Collar V

Cat with White Collar VI

Cat with White Collar VII

Culinary Capital

Fennel & Bird

Fennel and Bird

Fig & Leaf

Flower Pyramid

Flower Pyramid

Girl in the Silver Dress

Girl with Silver Cape

Girl with the Bearded Dragon

Girl with the Feather Collar

Girl with the Feather Collar

Girl with White Collar

Girl with White Collar II

Girl with White Collar II

Goat Cheese & Red Fruit

Grand Cru Classe 1964

Her Majesty


His Majesty

Horse with Blue Eyes

Japanese Vase and Bird


Muffin with Blueberries


Oil in a Bottle

Oil in a Bottle

Peacock & Vase

Rabbit's Paradise

Rabbit's Paradise

Rabbit's Paradise

Raspberry Rose







Silent Thought

Swiss Chards & Parakeets

The Kiss

The Taster

Tulips In Delftware Vase

White Unicorn