Kibi Wi Koni

Marcel Pinas

b. 22.03.1971

Biography Marcel Pinas Marcel Pinas is a Surinamese artist born on March 22, 1971 in Moengo, Pelgrimkondre, a district of Marowijne in north east Surinam. After graduating in 1990 from the Nola Hatterman Institute in Surinam he continued his education at the Edna Manley College in Jamaica. In 2007 Pinas became ’artist in residence’ at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: a p . . .
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more work by Marcel Pinas

60 Bottles with Pangi fabric

Afaka Buku 6

Afakan De Ete

Kibri A kuturu #3145

Kibri A kuturu #3146

Kuku (Kitchen)

Miti (The encounter) #3144

Moi Kondee (Upside Down)

Pangie Kibii 1 Mang


Taja Kondee #3143

Tembe anga Kibiiman 2

Tembeanga Djompofutu 6



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