One Too Many


Christie's Amsterdam, sale 11 May 2011, lot 155;
Leslie Smith Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Johan 'Mari' Henri ten Kate

b. 04.03.1831
The Hague, The Netherlands

d. 26.03.1910
Driebergen, The Netherlands

Johan ‘Mari’ Henri ten Kate was born in The Hague on March 4th, 1831. He received his artistic training in his hometown at the Academy of Arts, where his brother, older by 9 years, H.F.C. ten Kate (1822-1891) taught him in the arts. He also took classes at the "Haagse Houtgraveerschool" (translated as the "Hague wood engraving school"). At the age of 19, Ten Kate moved to Amsterdam, whe . . .
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