Untitled #466


Nangawarra Ward Napurulla is a Pintupi artist born southwest of Kintore, Northern Territory, around 1956. She grew up following the traditional nomadic life of the Pintupi people. Her father, Charlie Ward Tjakamarra, was one of the first artists to paint at Papunya. Napurulla met and married her husband, acclaimed artist George Ward Tjungurayi, at Warburton. She moved to Kintore in the early 1990s where she began to paint for Papunya Tula as an independent artist. Napurulla’s style follows the distinctive Pintupi use of dotted symbols such as circle, line and U shape to describe elements of country and ceremony. Her subjects relate to her country and include aspects of cultural life including women’s ceremony and collecting bush foods. Her brushwork is finely executed and her use of colour, a subtle combination of browns, creams, reds, oranges, yellows and black.