Portrait of a Lady


The art of Moïse Kisling has often been described as a precursor to surrealism. Consequently, it has led art historians to compare his work to that of Marc Chagall. The work of both artists shows French and non-French influences. However, Kisling’s style is truly his own, with his use of bright colors and tones and often infusing his Polish heritage in small intricate details.

Above all, Kisling was a master in depicting female portraits and figures. His stylized female nudes earned him the widest acclaim. This specific painting shows the portrait of an elegant lady dressed in black and it has the above-mentioned stylized feel to it. Besides the dreamy and slightly absent look in the woman’s glance, Kisling added strong light-dark contrasts, therefore creating a powerful yet calming portrait.


Private collection, The Netherlands

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Moïse Kisling

b. 22.01.1891
Kraków, Poland

d. 29.04.1953
Sanary-sur-Mer, France

Kisling was born in Krakow, Austria-Hungary (now Poland) and began drawing in early childhood. He enrolled at the Krakow Academy of fine arts – 15 years old – where he studied under professor Józef Pankiewicz. Afterwards, at the age of 19, he moved to Paris, which was the international centre for artistic creativity at that time. Soon Kisling found himself in the Parisian artistic commu . . .
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