Anna den Drijver

b. 1975
The Hague

Anna den Drijver (The Hague, 1975) graduated from the Photo Academy Amsterdam in 2013. Anna den Drijver is one of the most promising photographers at the moment. Den Drijver graduated in 2013 and has since been nominated for and awarded with many national and international prizes. She has a distinct signature, which is recognisable in her various series. The underlying theme in Anna den . . .
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more work by Anna den Drijver

(Le Dernier) Coup de Marteau 1

As Much As Nothing

As Much As Nothing 1-1

Cultural Identity 1-2

Equilibrium 1-14

Equilibrium 2-14

Equilibrium 3-14

Equilibrium 3-14

Equilibrium 7-14

Equilibrium 7-14

Equilibrium 8-14

Equilibrium 9-14

Flow 1

Flow 2

Flow 3

Force of nature 2-5

Force of nature 4-5

InwardOut 1-5

InwardOut Series

Journey 2-5

Peeling Off 5-5

Updown Journey 1-4

Updown Journey 3-4

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Flowerbed Colorchange

Flowerbed Colorchange

Les Arums

Magenta Flowers

The Swan Lake

Tulips In Delftware Vase

Tulips with Two Vases

Violet Flowers

White Flowers

Zen Brush