Marrapinti #2912


This painting depicts the creation events at the rock hole site of Marrapinti, west of Kiwirrkura. A group of senior women camped at this site, they gathered kampurarrpa (bush raisin), which are ground to make a type of traditional damper. This site is also associated with nose piercing rituals for the Pintupi women.

The grid design literally represents a symbolic map of the Western Desert region of Australia and each section depicts ancestral activities that were part of the formation of the present day environment. Lorna has a technique of dotting white and creams onto a black layout which has been a strong influence on other Pintupi female painter’s, she is sometimes compared to the Warlpiri artist, Dorothy Napangardi, although now her work has a distinct style and technique which is instantly recognisable to those familiar with her work.

Lorna has exhibited in Australia and overseas and was a finalist in the 2002 NATSIAA. She is also represented in The Art Gallery of New South Wales collection and published in the book ‘One Sun One Moon’ through the Art Gallery of N.S.W.


2018 'East meets West', SmithDavidson Gallery, Okt - Dec, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lorna Ward Napanangka

b. 1961
Papunya, Northern Territory

Lorna Ward Napanangka was born in 1961 in Papunya. Her father was the famous Timmy Payunka Tjapangati, one of the first generation of the Papunya Tula Artists. Lorna herself began painting in 1996. She generally paints the traditional ceremonial site at Marrapinti. “Tingari" women (mythical ancestors) camped at this site during their travels towards the east. Whilst there the women made . . .
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