National Dutch Tulip Day 2021

National Dutch Tulip Day 2021

Every third Saturday in January we celebrate National Dutch Tulip Day and the start of the tulip season!

Tulips from Amsterdam

Every year, an estimated 1.7 billion Dutch tulips bring a welcome touch of spring to households and businesses all over the globe. National Tulip Day sees Dutch tulip growers create a massive temporary garden on Dam Square, bursting with around 200,000 tulips. More than 10,000 people traditionally come along to pick up their own free tulip from Amsterdam every year, unfortunately due to the current circumstances we have to miss this beautiful event.

Let's celebrate the Tulip with this great picture made by Marie Cecile Thijs

Red Tulips & Delftware Vase

In this multi-faceted series Marie Cecile Thijs brings to life a surrealistic world of flora and fauna. Using strong light and dark contrasts, and using authentic 17th-century Delftware vases, these contemporary works connect the past to the present.

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