Iconic Vintage Zhuang Hong Yi Landscape

SmithDavidson Gallery is excited to offer a unique large scale vintage painting by Chinese powerhouse artist Zhuang Hong Yi.
The untitled "Landscape" painting was created in 2008 and created from delicate hand-cut rice paper flowers painted in contrasting dark and irridescently colored hues.
Extreme boldness radiates from the canvas, flowers are toppling one over the other as if reaching to the light, nature is represented in full cycle.

Size of the canvas is 150 x 120 cm / 59 x 47 inch and is placed in an acrylic display case creating a monumental presence.

The flower motif dominates Zhuang Hong Yi’s work. He works patiently and religiously year after year on this subject alone. In Chinese culture the flower is a significant image, which carries countless meanings and emotions.

The "Landscape" series canvas paintings bear the influence of Expressionism and other Western artistic practices. Zhuang’s impasto strokes are expressive and unconfined. Colors melt together, and paint drips down the canvas, seeping over a collage of delicately unfolded rice paper flowers. The almost sculptural three-dimensionality makes his work both painting and object. Messiness, variety and chance are all embraced, evidencing Zhuang’s liberation in terms of both aesthetics and technique. Like the Flowerbed series, these paintings draw the viewer in, encouraging contemplation as they immerse us in a tapestry of color and form.

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