East meets West

October 17th - December 23rd 2018

This is your chance to come and see abstract paintings from all over the world. Artist that will be featured are, amongst others, Lee Ufan, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Paul Rousso, Zhuang Hong Yi and Dadamaino. David Smith, director of SDG, explaines: 'Our gallery is known for our dynamic range of leading modern and contemporary art in various mediums. The gallery’s mission is to acquire and present the work of significant artists whose work has either defined or is expanding the parameters of the visual arts. We believe with this new exhibition we have a perfect opportunity to show these artists from all around the world.'

‘East meets West’ gives a profound overview of the abstract artworks in our collection, presenting both current and unseen works at the Amsterdam location on the Prinsengracht 570.

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