Johannes 'Jan' Evert Hendrik Akkeringa

Johannes 'Jan' Evert Hendrik Akkeringa
17.01.1861 (Blinjoe, Dutch East Indies) - 12.04.1942 (Amersfoort, The Netherlands)

Country: Indonesia
Nationality: Dutch


In the 1880s there was a colony of painters who moved from The Hague to the dunes at Loosduinen to paint. Besides George Breitner and Jan Toorop, Johannes Evert Akkeringa was among this group's members. He was born in 1861 in the Dutch East Indies but grew up in The Hague, where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts. During his life Akkeringa painted subjects in Looduinen, The Hague, and Scheveningen. Akkeringa did not have a strong desire to travel beyond this area; he found enough inspiration for painting in his immediate surroundings.

In May 1896, Akkeringa received an invitation from Joseph Israel, chairman of the Dutch Drawing Society (Hollandse Teken Maatschappij), to submit work. A year later he was accepted as a member of the society and continued to exhibit there regularly until 1916. A subject he regularly painted was the so called "nettenboetsters," the women from Scheveningen who mended the fishing nets. This subject became a motif throughout his career. Another theme in Akkeringa's work consisted of beach scenes, which depicted images from the simple life of the Scheveningen fishing community. He painted on both small and large panels, which he rarely dated. In 1903 he signed a contract with the firm E.J. Wisselingh in Amsterdam, where he held an exhibition with the painter Toorop one year later. After 1904 he frequently painted tea time scenes with an intimate feel.

Akkeringa was a painter who remained true to himself and his style. He avoided applying new movements to his work, instead preferring to focus on nature and his surroundings, which he painted with great attention to color and light. In addition to his paintings, he left many sketches, studies for paintings, and drawings made with pencil, black, and blue chalk.


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Work by Johannes Evert Akkeringa is represented in the collections of various Dutch museums.

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