Adrianus Eversen

Adrianus Eversen
13.01.1818 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - 01.12.1897 (Delft, The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch


Adrianus Eversen was born in Amsterdam on January 13, 1818. He was a gifted painter and one of the most successful cityscapists of his time. Eversen was trained under the painter Cornelis de Kruyff (1771-1854), who introduced him to painting old Dutch cityscapes. He was also a pupil of the well-known Dutch townscape painter Cornelis Springer (1817-1891), who was only one year older than Eversen. Under his tutelage Eversen developed a brilliant compositional structure, warm color scheme, and exquisitely elaborated details.

Eversen is known for his architectural views of old cities in Holland, such as Haarlem, Amersfoort and Alkmaar, rendered mostly in oil and watercolor. He painted many views of Amsterdam, where he worked and exhibited regularly between 1840 and 1885. However, Eversen took liberties when it came to subject matter, and arranged city views in such a way that an attractive townscape arose instead. Unlike Springer’s paintings, the works of Eversen often show little or no topographical resemblance, making it difficult to locate the subjects. Everson was an artist to whom the phrase "taking artistic license" aptly applies. 


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Work by Adrianus Eversen is represented in the collections of diverse museums, including the Stedelijk Museum and Rijksprentenkabinet in Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Twente in Enschede and the Crocker Art Museum, E.B. Crocker Collection, U.S.A.

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