Jan Jacob Spohler

Jan Jacob Spohler
07.11.1811 (Nederhorst den Berg, The Netherlands) - 15.06.1866 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch


Spohler was a popular artist during his life and his work sold well. He studied under the renowned 19th century painter J.W. Pieneman (1779-1853) at the Amsterdam Academy of Arts and devoted his life to the portrayal of the Dutch landscape. He was best known for his fresh colours and excellent execution of light in his summer and winter landscapes. He painted during the height of the Dutch Romantic movement and followed in the footsteps of the great master Andreas Schelfhout (1787-1870). Like Schelfhout, Spohler was comfortable painting winter or summer landscapes, capturing the atmosphere of both with equal skill. He often included small groups of figures in his work, lending us a delightful insight into the life of the times. Spohler travelled extensively throughout Holland during his life, working in Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam and finally settling in Amsterdam until his death. He was a prolific exhibitor in Amsterdam and becaome a member of the Academy there in 1845. Spohler often competed for commissions with contemporaries such as F.M. Kruseman (1816-1882) and Charles Leickert (1816-1907). Examples of Spohler's work can be found in many museums in The Netherlands and private collections throughout the world. 

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Summer Landscape with a Ferry

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