Henriette Ronner-Knip

Henriette Ronner-Knip
31.05.1821 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands ) - 28.02.1909 (Elsene, Belgium)

Nationality: Dutch


Ronner-Knip was born into a family of painters; her father, grandfather, uncle and aunt were all painters of merit. Mentored by her father, she started painting when she was a little girl. After a few years they moved to a farm in Nijmegen, where she found a wide range of subject matter for her paintings. Besides cats, dogs and animals on the farm, she painted meadows, fields, woods, farmhouses and thatched barns. In 1836 she sold her first painting at the age of 15. The following years she would continue painting scenes from around the farm, which sold well. She was known for her rendering of fur, the woolly fleece of sheep, feathers of birds and the portrayal of dogs. Around 1860 her reputation as an animal painter was officially established; he received several awards at exhibitions at home and abroad. The last thirty years of her life she dedicated her time solely to painting cats, generally from the "high life," and gained much fame and recognition for her work. The Queen of Belgium commissioned her to paint two of her favourite lap dogs in 1876 and the success of these works led to many more commissions. Ronner-Knip counted most of the crowned heads of Europe amongst her patrons.


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