Giuseppe Santomaso

Giuseppe Santomaso
1907 () - 1990

Nationality: Italian


The Italian artist Giuseppe Santomaso was born in 1907 in Venice. He was trained at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 1932 and participated at the Venice Biennale only two years later. During his life, he would participate at the Venice Biennale thirteen times. In 1937 Santomaso travelled to France and The Netherlands to study the Fauves and the Impressionists. In 1939 his first solo exhibition was held at Rive Gauche Gallery. Up to his death in 1990 Santomaso taught at the Venetian art academy. Besides his numerous contributions to the Venice Biennale, Santomaso was also invited to Documenta several times. Furthermore, he took part in numerous national and international exhibitions.

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