Anna den Drijver

Anna den Drijver
1975 (The Hague)

Nationality: Dutch


Anna den Drijver (The Hague, 1975) graduated from the Photo Academy Amsterdam in 2013.

Anna den Drijver is one of the most promising photographers at the moment. Den Drijver graduated in 2013 and has since been nominated for and awarded with many national and international prizes. She has a distinct signature, which is recognisable in her various series.

The underlying theme in Anna den Drijver’s work is the process of growing up and the search for ones own identity. Anna unveils struggles that accompany this process, which usually remain hidden from the beholder’s eye. The contrast between the hidden inner world and visible exterior is therefore one of the main motives in her work.

By placing her models outside of their expected context, and consciously hiding or distorting part of their appearance, the artist challenges the viewer to interact with the image. This creates an intriguing tension between the seen and unseen, the inner and outer world, and between reality and illusion.

Working with a variety of techniques, both digital and analog, the works often have a soft and dreamy atmosphere. Some of them are alienating, while others tend to be more associative. This is also a result of the organic and natural way that her series have been created.


2016 Prix de la Photographie 2016 - 1x Flow and 1x InwardOut
2016 Moscow International Photo Awards 2016 (MIFA) - ' InwardOut' First Place in Portfolio Fine Art and Second place in Professional Portfolio
2016 9th Annual International Color Awards - Honorable mention InwardOut 2-5
2015 Prix de la Photographie 2015 - 3 Honorable Mentions
2014 7th Edition of the Margareth Cameron Award - finalist
2014 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014 – 1x Silver
2014 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014 – 2x Bronze
2014 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2014 – 2 Honorable Mentions
2014 Prix de la Photographie Paris ‘Blue’ – Honorable Mention
2014 Int’l Photography Awards 2014 (IPA)- 8 Honorable Mentions ‘Main competition’
2013 Photo Academy Award Amsterdam 2013 – 4 nominations 
2013 SO2013 Selection of Dutch Photography Award – Nomination
2013 Akademie Vogue Award Fotostyling – Second Prize
2012 Digifotopro Beauty & Fashion contest – Second Prize


2014 COLLECT art magazine - September issue
2014 Villa d'Arte - September/October issue
2014 Villa d’Arte – April/May issue
2014 De Fotograaf - January/ February issue
2013 New Dutch Photography Talent 2014
2013 SO 2013 Awards - year book, powered by PANL
2013 SHUTR Fotomagazine- Nr. 4
2013 De Fotograaf – September/ October issue
2013 – World Below, Little Mermaid


2016 Mix and Match Exhibition, SmithDavidson Gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2016 Solo exhibition 'Equilibrium', SmithDavidson Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2016 Palm Beach Show, West Palm Beach Convention Center, USA
2015 Art Miami, Miami, USA
2015 PAN Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015 Art Silicon Valley - San Francisco, San Mauro, USA
2015 Global Art Exhibition, SmithDavidson, Amsterdam
2015 Corporate exhbition Rabobank Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014 Art Miami, USA
2014 PAN Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014 Leslie Smith Gallery - 'Under the Skin' Solo exhibition
2014 Fotogalerie Groningen – TPAA 2013
2013 Expo D’Light – Loods 6, Amsterdam
2013 New Dutch Photography Talent 2014 – Gup Gallery
2013 Galerie Fotogram Amsterdam – TPAA 2013
2013 Fotomuseum The Hague – TPAA 2013
2013 Fotofestival Naarden – Gallerie Pouloeuff

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(Le Dernier) Coup de Marteau 1

As Much As Nothing

As Much As Nothing 1-1

Cultural Identity 1-2

Equilibrium 1-14

Equilibrium 2-14

Equilibrium 3-14

Equilibrium 3-14

Equilibrium 7-14

Equilibrium 7-14

Equilibrium 8-14

Equilibrium 9-14

Flow 1

Flow 2

Flow 3

Force of nature 2-5

Force of nature 4-5

InwardOut 1-5

InwardOut Series

Journey 2-5

Peeling Off 5-5

Updown Journey 1-4

Updown Journey 3-4

You and the Flower

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