Hendrik Willem Mesdag

Hendrik Willem Mesdag
23.02.1831 (Groningen, The Netherlands) - 10.07.1915 (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch


Hendrik Willem Mesdag was born on February 23rd in Groningen, The Netherlands. He began his career as a banker in his father's office and took drawing lessons in his spare time. Married to Sientje van Houten (1834-1900), he gave up his work at the bank to paint professionally. They went to Brussels in 1866, where Mesdag was trained by the famous Dutch Hague School painter Willem Roelofs (1822-1897). They returned to The Netherlands in 1869, taking up residence in a house next to Sientjes' brother in The Hague. Mesdag, always very fond of painting the sea, spent much time in nearby Scheveningen. In 1881 he worked on the great Panorama Mesdag project, which was a massive panorama view from the Seinpost Dune and painted by a group of painters, among them Theophile de Bock (1851-1904), B.J. Blommers (1845-1914) and G.H. Breitner (1857-1923). Mesdag's house at the Laan van Meerdervoort in The Hague, where he owned several works by many French and Dutch painters, is today a museum. Mesdag passed away in 1915 and left us with a rich oeuvre. His works are widely sought after by many private collectors and are to be seen in museums throughout the world.

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