Charles Henri Joseph Leickert

Charles Henri Joseph Leickert
22.09.1816 (Brussels, Belgium) - 05.12.1907 (Mainz, Germany)

Nationality: Belgian


Leickert was trained by Bartholomeus van Hove in The Hague, where he practiced composition and representation of depth in landscapes. He gradually applied himself to painting nature and architecture. In 1839, at only 23 years of age, Leickert made his debut at the General Exhibition of Dutch living masters in The Hague. A year later he was apprenticed to well-known painter Andreas Schelfhout. Following instructions from his master, who was known for his delicately executed skies and masterly rendered ice scenes, Leickert produced his first winter scenes in 1841 and gradually developed his own style. In his work the human presence is always subservient to the landscape, as Leickert seldom applied himself to the detailed rendering of facial expression or capturing a striking head. He moved to Amsterdam in 1848, seeking to establish himself as an independent artist and attracted by the life of the capital. He joined the artists society ‘Arti et Amicitiae,' assimilating quickly into the Amsterdam artistic milieu. Leickert's Amsterdam years, up to the 70s, constitute his best period. His style shows more perfection, surprising colour contrasts and magnificent chiaroscuro in well-balanced paintings, portraying a wide range of subject matter such as landscapes, beach scenes, portraits and cityscapes.  


Betoverende landschappen, Hollandse meesters uit de negentiende eeuw, 20 Mar. - 19 Jun. 2011, Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, The Netherlands

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