Willy Muntjanti Martin

Willy Muntjanti Martin
1950 (Mimili)

Language group: Pukatja


Willy Muntjanti Martin was born and raised in Ernabella in the APY-Lands, Australia. As a young man he worked many years on the sheep farms that surrounded Ernabella. Today, Willy lives in Mimili with his partner Judy and their two children, Patricia and Joseph.

Within the community of Mimili, Willy is well respected for his knowledge of many tjukurpa stories. Tjukurpa refers to the creation period when ancestral beings, Tjukaritja, created the world as we know it. In these stories lie the basis for the religion, law and moral systems of the Aboriginals in Australia. 

Willy’s paintings are fresh and lyrical. They are about men's ceremonies called Inma or Watiku, and the dancing and singing that occur during these ceremonies. Willy is a teacher of the Inma dance and his paintings look like they sing themselves to life.


Willy Muntjanti Martin participated in the folowing Group Exhibitions:

2010, Desert Mob, Araleum Gallery, Alice Springs NT, Australia
2010, Piiny-Piinypa Tjukurpa Exhibition, RAFT Artspace, Alice Spring, NT, Australia
2011, Nganampa Paintingku Nyuwana, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 


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