Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles

Jackie Kurltjunyintja Giles
1937 () - 2010

Nationality: Australian
Language group: Ngaanyatjarra


Jackie (Kurltjunyintja) Giles Tjapaltjarri was born in the late 1930s in the bush east of Kiwirrkurra, Northern Territory, at a kangaroo dreaming site called Tjamu Tjamu. He grew up with his extended family, living off their own country and travelling vast distances through the desert on foot. They watched the European presence in their country grow and in the 1950s where forced to move to the Warburton Mission 240km south of Patjarr.

By this time he was well known and widely respected as a traditional Aboriginal healer (Maparntjarra) in the Western Desert, a gift which was passed on to him by his father. He was one of the first who painted for the Warburton Art Project and many people learned by watching him. During a period of residence in Kiwirrkurra in 2003, he started to paint for Papunya Tula Artists.

Mr. Giles is a founding member of Kayili Artists, a community owned enterprise in Patjarr (Karilwara). The paintings of the Kayili Artists describe the intricate network of Dreamings (Tjukurrpa) that feature in the landscape and the creative journeys of the Tingarri (ancestral men and women). The paintings of Mr. Giles consist of complex meandering lines of contrasting colours that create a sense of depth. His designs are associated with engravings on pearl shell and hard wood shields that were traded in the desert from the west coast.

In 2007 the artist was elected as a finalist in the 24th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.


Vivien Johnson, Livs of the Papunya Tula Artists, Alice Sprins NT, 2008, p 368


Group exhibitions:

2018 EXPO Chicago, SmithDavidson Gallery, Chicago, USA
2018 Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Kaplan & Levi collection, Blanton Museum at the University of Texas at Austin, USA
2015 Signs and Traces. Contemporary Aboriginal Art. Cultural institute Zamek. Poznan, Poland
2015 The Armory Show, Modern Section. Leslie Smith Gallery, New York
2014 PAN Amsterdam
2007 Western Desert Mob, Kutju - One, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, UWA, Perth, WA
2007 Patjarr Painters, Broome, WA
2007 24th NATSIAA, MAGNT, Darwin, NT
2007 Desert Mob, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs, NT
2007 Recent Work in association with Kayili Arts, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne, VIC
2007 Kayili Artists 2007, Aboriginal & PAcific Art, Sydney, NSW
2007 Darwin Art Fair, Darwin, NT
2006 Commonwealth Games Exhibition, Landmarks, NGV, Melbourne, VIC
2006 Our Home, Charles Darwin University Art Collection recent aquisitions, Darwin, NT
2006 Kayili Artists - New Works, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne, VIC
2006 Patjarr, Short St Gallery, Broome, WA
2006 Commonwealth Games Exhibtion, Landmarks, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
2005 Senior Artists from the communities of Blackstone and Patjarr, Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney
2004 Aboriginal Art 2004, Scott Livesy Gallery, Melbourne
2004 Desert Mob, Araluen centre, Alice Springs
2003 Pintupi Artists, Papunya Tula artists, Alice Springs
2003 Nampa Kuwarringkatja, Tjulyuru Regional Arts Gallery, Warburton, WA
2002 Mission Time in Warburton, Tjulyuru Regional Arts Gallery, Warburton, WA
2001 Beyond Beyond, Accent Fine Art Gallery, Perth
2000 Ngayulu-latju Palyantja (We Made These Things), Art Gallery of WA.
1999 Ngayulu-latju Palyantja (We Made These Things), Goldfields Arts Centre, Kalgoorlie
1999 Ngayulu-latju Palyantja (We Made These Things, Djamu gallery, Australian Museum at Custor Sydney.
1999 Ngayulu-latju Palyantja (We Made These Things), Casula Power House Arts Centre, Sydney
1998 Ngayulu-latju Palyantja (We Made These Things), Australian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur
1993 S.H. Irvin Gallery,Sydney
1993 Yarnangu Ngaanya: Our Land Our Body, PICA and S.H. Irvin Gallery
1991 Yarnangu Ngaanya: Our Land Our Body, Goldfields Arts Board, The Attic, Kalgoorlie
1991 Yarnangu Ngaanya: Our Land Our Body, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth 


Warburton Community Acrylic Collection
Lagerburg-Swift Collection
James McCourt Collection
National Gallery of Victoria
Art Gallery of NSW
Vromm Collection, The Netherlands
Rectus Collection, Germany
Charles Darwin University Collection
Levi-Kaplan Collection, Seattle
Queensland Art Gallery
The Luczo Collection San Francisco, California

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