Johannes Marius ten Kate

Johannes Marius ten Kate
26.12.1859 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - 15.10.1896 (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch


Johannes Marius ten Kate was born in Amsterdam in 1859 into an artistic family. He was the son of artist Johan Mari Henri ten Kate, who was a skilled Romantic genre painter. Furthermore, his uncle H.F.C. ten Kate was a renowned painter as well. Both were very successful, Johan Mari Henri and his brother H.F.C. were even painters at the court of the Dutch King Willem III. The young Ten Kate received his artistic training most likely from his father. Ten Kate lived and worked most of his life in The Hague, and became a member of the well known artist’s society "Pulchri Studio" in that city. He is known for his beach scenes, landscapes and genre scenes, which he painted in a Romantic-impressionistic manner. 

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