Johann 'Karl' Lucas Heffner

Johann 'Karl' Lucas Heffner
01.01.1849 (Wurzburg, Germany) - 1925 (Berlin, Germany)

Nationality: German


Johann Karl Lucas Heffner was born in Würzburg on January 1, 1849. Born into a wealthy family, he had direct access to the flourishing intellectual community there. After briefly studying music at the Munich Academy, he soon found his true passion in painting and began studying under the Munich landscape painters Johannes Samuel Otto (1798-1878) and Adolph Stademann (1824-1895). Although Heffner was very much involved in the artistic circles of his home country, he traveled and exhibited extensively abroad. He exhibited regularly in Vienna in the 1870s and in London at the Royal Academy and the Grosvenor Gallery in the 1880s. In 1886 he was made an honorary member of the Academy of Munich, and in 1887 he obtained from the Prince Regent the title of professor. He received international recognition with his landscapes, almost all depicting marshland and water. He also exhibited at the 1889 International Exhibition in Paris, where he was awarded an honorary mention. Heffner died in Munich in 1925.

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