Omer van de Weyer

Omer van de Weyer
1910 (Leuven, Belgium) (unknown)

Nationality: Belgian


Omer van de Weyer was born in Leuven, Belgium in 1910. He attended the Academy des Beaux-Arts in Brussels at the age of 15, and was an apprentice there for seven years. He was active as a painter, designer, mural painter, watercolourist, and draughtsman. He served as Professor at the Academy des Beaux-Arts from 1955 until 1977. Van de Weyer is known for his realistic landscapes, flowers, nudes, portraits and Japanese-inspired scenes. He was a versatile artist, who designed posters and mosaics as well. Japanese graphic arts strongly inspired him in his work, for example in a series where he depicts the Samurai theme, which is characterised by strong, bold and expressionistic colours.

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