Jacobus Frederik Sterre de Jong

Jacobus Frederik Sterre de Jong
22.06.1866 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - 12.01.1920 (Laren, The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch


Jacobus Frederik Sterre de Jong was born in Amsterdam on June 22nd, 1866. His original surname was ‘De Jong’, but in 1920 he received Royal permission to change the family name to ‘Sterre de Jong’. He was apprenticed at the Quellinius School in Amsterdam, where he was under the tutelage of B.J.W.M. van Hove (1850-1914), the well-known sculptor (not to be confused with B.J. van Hove, the renowned painter). Sterre de Jong also received his artistic education at the Amsterdam Academy, from 1889 until 1893, and was a member of the artists society ‘Arti et Amicitiae’. He taught painting to his daughter M.C.J. Sterre de Jong.

Until 1896 Sterre de Jong lived and worked mainly in Amsterdam. Later he would reside in Amstelveen, Den Haag, Blaricum and even spent some time in Paris and London. In 1911 he settled in Laren, where he passed away on January 12th, 1920, at the age of 53.

Sterre de Jong is associated with the School of Laren and his oeuvre consists of paintings, drawings and etchings. Among his subjects are landscapes, interiors with figures, still-lifes and portraits. He was commissioned by the Royal Dutch Family to paint a portrait of Queen Wilhelmina. The costume that the Queen wore in this portrait was brought to Sterre de Jong by a stagecoach, his wife Stijntje Korsloot then posed in it, and only afterwards did Queen Wilhelmina come to Laren so Sterre de Jong could finalize the portrait.

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