Johannes Hendrik Weissenbruch

Johannes Hendrik Weissenbruch
19.06.1824 (The Hague, The Netherlands) - 24.03.1903 (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch


Hendrik Johannes ‘J.H.’ Weissenbruch was born in The Hague on June 19th, 1824 and passed away in the same city on March 24th, 1903. He is considered one of the most important painters of the Dutch Hague School. He lived in The Hague until his death and during his life he painted mainly landscapes in the vicinity, like Scheveningen, Haarlem and the Dutch polders of Boskoop, Gouda and Nieuwkoop.

Weissenbruch enjoyed his artistic education at the Hague Academy of Arts, where he was taught by B.J. van Hove and Andreas Schelfhout. Although there are similarities between the work of Schelfhout and Weissenbruch, it is evident that Weissenbruch continually sought extensive panorama landscapes, preferably with the typical Dutch light; bright, but diffuse and hazy. Heavy grey cloudy skies often fill three quarters of his canvases, with a low horizon.

Weissenbruch played an important role in the founding of Pulchri Studio in The Hague, the renowned artist’s society of the Hague School. Already before he finished his academic education he founded this artistic association in 1847, together with his cousin Jan Weissenbruch and the Hague School painter Willem Roelofs. From 1857 until 1861 he was even commissioner of the drawing room.

In 1877 Weissenbruch held his first exhibition of sketches and drawings, which took place in the Amsterdam artist’s society ‘Arti et Amicitiae’. He visited the French Barbizon area in 1903, three years before he passed away and 50 years after the Barbizon school's heyday, out of his belief that it was important to get acquainted with the area that had been so influential for the Hague School artists. 


Betoverende landschappen, Hollandse meesters uit de negentiende eeuw, 20 Mar. - 19 Jun. 2011, Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, The Netherlands

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