Emmanuel Mané-Katz

Emmanuel Mané-Katz
05.06.1894 (Kremenchuk, Ukraine) - 08.09.1962



Mané-Katz is a Jewish painter who is mostly known for his depictions of Jewish wedding scenes. He was born in 1894 in Ukraine, but moved to Paris at the age of 19. His father wanted him to become a rabbi, but Mané-Katz started studying art instead and soon became affiliated with an art movement known as the Jewish School of Paris. He was close friends with the renowned cubist painter Pablo Picasso, who made a signed portrait of Mané-Katz, and other important artists. Early on, Mané-Katz’s style was classical and somber, but his palette evolved in later years to include bright, primary colors, with an emphasis on Jewish themes. In 1931 he was awarded a gold medal at the Paris World's Fai, for his painting "The Wailing Wall." Mané-Katz left his paintings and extensive personal collection of Jewish ethnography to the city of Haifa, Israel. Four years before Mané-Katz passed away, the mayor of this city provided the artist with a building on Mount Carmel to house his work, which became the Mané-Katz Museum. 

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