Lodewijk Johannes Kleijn

Lodewijk Johannes Kleijn
14.08.1817 (Loosduinen, The Netherlands) - 11.03.1897 (The Hague, The Netherlands)

Nationality: Dutch


Lodewijk Johannes Kleijn was born on 14th August 1817 in the town of Loosduinen, close to The Hague. Little is known of the artist's early training but he must have shown great promise as he was admitted to the studio of the great master Andreas Schelfhout (1787-1870) in The Hague. Schelfhout was one of the most important landscape artists of the Romantic School of painters and was a much sought-after teacher who had at least thirty students.

Kleijn absorbed as much as he could whilst at Schelfhout's studio, learning the master's painting techniques and also using the same subject matter. His finest works are carefully finished with great attention paid to detail. He depicted both summer and winter landscapes and usually found his motifs by the water's edge.

Around 1840 Kleijn stayed for some time in Kleef, Germany, which is known for its art academy instituted by renowned landscape painter B.C. Koekkoek. However, there is no evidence Kleijn attended classes at the Kleef academy. The only evidences are the Kleef motives, which are to be found in some of Kleijn’s paintings.

Kleijn was a highly regarded and successful artist during his life that exhibited in The Hague and Amsterdam between 1842 and 1894. His patrons were the wealthy middle class citizens of the area in whose homes his work took pride of place. The artist died on March 11, 1897 in The Hague.

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Summer Landscape with the 'Trekvliet' near The Hague (pendant)

Winter landscape (pendant)

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