Fabio Bianco

Fabio Bianco
1971 (Mirano, Venice)

Nationality: Italian


Fabio Bianco was born in 1971 in Venice and studied graphic design from 1986 until 1991. Then he got a scholarship and graduated from the city’s prestigious Academia di Belle Arti in 1995. While studying there, he focused his research on reflective light in interior spaces with attention to architectural elements.

Artwork and technique
In a dramatic departure from his background and style, in 2012 Bianco presented an installation called “Business +” at DOCUMENTA, the highly prestigious contemporary art exhibition in Kassel, Germany. For the installation, he created a fictitious investment bank based in art: a small outbuilding resembling a cabana, which featured canvases painted black with smatterings of gold leaf and charts in dripping white paint showing the NASDAQ, the dollar, the yen, etc. all on the rise. This was a response to the global economic crisis. Typical of his style, Bianco reinterprets historical elements of painting and orients viewers squarely in the excesses of luxury. It is there that we find pleasure without restraint while being reminded of the potency of indulgence.
With Fabio Bianco’s saturated and blurred fields of color and nearly dizzying visions that toy with depth perception, he inspires indulgent feelings within the realm of contemporary painting. The enigmatic, baroque interiors flirt with the fantastical and refer to excess in a global culture of relentless advertising. Bianco’s dazzling use of the full color spectrum renders depth within antique theaters and private salons inviting viewers into a captivating world splintered by the refracted light of chandeliers. Frequently featuring towering and fanciful cakes, he mixes a freedom of the imagination with these symbols of celebration. Bianco manipulates the scale of identifiable objects - furniture, cakes, chandeliers, architecture and their embellishments - thus complicating the relationship between his representations of space and the actual world. Featuring a vertiginous rendering of space as well, he combines this with a wide range of colors creating a world of chaos and fantasy. 



Bianco’s work in many regards is a return to painting, with a great appreciation for the medium. Viewers are invited to move into a world of loose, imaginative freedom, yet Bianco’s work also assumes a contemporary social commentary towards the global culture of excess. For most Bianco’s work implores us to enjoy ourselves.


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Macedonia Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece