Albert Lebourg

Albert Lebourg
01.02.1849 (Montfort-sur-Risle, France) - 06.01.1928 (Rouen, France)

Nationality: French


Albert Lebourg is a French painter who is considered a true impressionist. The technical conception of the Impressionist movement, to depict surroundings and nature directly at a particular time of day, associated with light, shadow and colors, is typical of the work of Lebourg. He paints landscapes, river views, harbors, and cityscapes filled with light and bright colors. Lebourg's paintings are an impressionistic translation of reality. Without being banal or provocative in his brushwork or use of color, his work is always in harmony with reality. Lebourg’s work is widely praised, not only today but also during his time. From 1890 until 1914 he frequently participated in the annual Salons, where he won several prizes. In 1903 he received the Legion d’Honneur, one of the highest and most important French national medals.  

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