Eva Nelson Napaltjarri

Eva Nelson Napaltjarri
1968 ()

Nationality: Australian
Language group: Pintupi


Eva Nelson Napaltjarri was born around 1968. She started painting in 2003, at age 35, and is completely self taught. At that moment she lives in Willowra, about 330 km northwest of Alice Springs in Central Australia. Currently Eva lives and works in Yuelamu, also known as Mount Allen Station, about 250 kilometers west of Alice Springs in Central Australia. The main stories that Eva paints refer to Ngartajirri, a small green parrot. These are Dreamings that were told to her by her father, and took place around Carhudo, the area around Mount Denison, some hours northwest of Alice Springs. Further, she paints Ngapa ('water') Dreamings, stories that refer to different water holes in her native area. In her work, Eva Nelson Napaltjarri uses small dots and spots to indicate the contours of the landscape, hills and water holes. The dots are closely positioned to form a fluid and organic whole.

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