Jorna Nelson Napurrula

Jorna Nelson Napurrula
1930 (Yuendumu, Northern Territory) - 2010

Country: Yuendumu
Nationality: Australian
Language group: Pintupi


Jorna Nelson Napurrula was born around 1930 near Yuendumu, about 350 kilometers northwest of Alice Springs. Her Dreamings mainly relate to her grandfather's country at Mt. Singleton.
They mainly depict bush tucker (bush food), different food sources that are important to the diet of the Aborigines and the locations where they are to be found. The most common and most important are the Yam, a tuber, Janganpa (Possum), an Australian marsupial, Yipintiri, a native bean species, Ngarlajiyi, a sort of carrot and Patanjarnngi, a type of seed.

Jorna painted in a distinctive style. Often, she used the traditional palette of black and white with various ochres, but sometimes, surprising especially considering her age, she experimented spontaneously with bright colors. The latter creates an exciting, modern look combined with the distinctive, traditional iconography and symbolism of the Aborigines.
Jorna also painted for the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation of Yuendumu, a fully Aboriginal owned and governed art centre.

Jorna Nelson Napurrula passed away in 2010.

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Janganpa (Possum) Dreaming #153

Janganpa (Possum) Dreaming #154

Mina Mina Tjukurrpa (Salt Lake Dreaming) #468

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