Marie Cecile Thijs

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Lambda C-print on behind matted glass in black wooden frame
40 x 40 cm
(15.7 x 15.7 in)
Signed, numbered and dated on affixed label on reverse. Other sizes available.

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Marie Cecile Thijs responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by creating her latest work Biospheres.

Reminiscent of her earlier work The Kiss, Marie Cecile Thijs sees a new society where distance is key. In her series flowers attain human characteristics; they remain attracted to each other, no matter the barriers and challenges put before them.

Biospheres is released in early May 2020, as a special edition of 250, size 40 x 40 cm with anti-reflective glass & black wooden frame.

The image reminds us that even in a period of social distancing we must not forget to care for each other, the biosphere does not just serve one, but is there for all of us.

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