Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri is one of the most renowned contemporary Aboriginal artists and one of the most famous Western Desert artists.

Thus his work is highly sought after. He grew up in the bush around Jay Creek working at several stations as a stockman.

He was an expert wood-carver and took up painting long before Papunya Tula, the school of dot painting, was established by schoolteacher Geoffrey Bordon. 

It was his brother, Tim Laura, who encouraged him to paint with the Geoffrey Bardon group of painting men during the 70's, after joining this group of dot and circle painters

Clifford quickly distinguished himself as one of the most talented members. 

His works have an unrivalled complexity and are often very large. 

Later he was employed as a teacher at Papunya. He taught woodcarving and was the chairman of Papunya Tula Artists in the early 80's

Clifford's career was ground-breaking as he was amongst a few indigenous Australian artists to be recognized by the international art world trailblazing for future generations and bridging the gap between Aboriginal art and contemporary Australian art.


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Born in *unknown* in 1933

Died in Alice Springs on June 21st, 2002

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